Clearview® Next Gen Towing Mirrors

The Next Generation Towing Mirrors

The Next Generation in Towing Mirrors

The Clearview® Next Gen Mirror represents the next generation in towing mirrors. If you want a stylish mirror that eliminates blind spots and ensures your safety through improved vision, this is the mirror for you.

Telescopic 2-stage extension provides 2 towing positions to choose from, allowing you to see down the side of your van when towing and won’t retract when driving at high speeds or when passing large trucks.

A dual mirror design incorporating an upper large flat glass for reflecting true distance and lower convex glass for a broader view of the vehicle’s surrounds makes this the ultimate towing mirror recommended for all of your towing needs.

This is the mirror for you if you want wide visibility and safety without the size of our Original Clearview Towing Mirrors®.

Build your mirror

Included Features

*Please note that mirror features specified in the above mirror descriptions are the only features included in the mirror. Any features not specified are not included in the Towing Mirror. Please compare our listed features with your standard vehicle mirror to understand what features you may be missing in your new Clearview mirror.  If Powerfold, Camera or auto reverse-dip functionality is not specified in our mirror description, then we do not have it available for your model at this time. 

Towing mirror features are only available for vehicles with those pre-existing features as standard (ie heat, powerfold, BSM etc) – the mirror alone cannot add new functionality to the vehicle.

To remain ADR compliant, if your standard mirrors have Indicators or Blind Spot Monitoring functionality in them, then your towing mirrors also need to have these features.

Clearview Towing mirrors do not extend or retract electrically. 

Features That Lead the Market

Clearview Towing Mirrors are a full replacement solution designed to be extendable when you need them, and conveniently retract back when you don’t. With meticulous engineering and proud partnerships with vehicle manufacturers, Clearview Mirrors don’t just meet standards – they set them. A seamless integration ensures that installing Clearview Mirrors is not a compromise but an upgrade on all fronts. It promises not just improved vision, but a blend of technology and convenience that accommodates the essence of modern-day touring and work-life.

Next Gen Towing Mirror features

We build our mirrors tough. We make them in Australia. We test them in Australia. And we build them to withstand the rigors of the Australian outback. If they withstand the Australian outback, they’re tough enough for any country! If they’re tough enough to withstand what Jase and the All 4 Adventure team put them through, they’re tough enough for everyone!

Advantages of Flat 1:1 Top Mirror View

Enhanced Depth Perception: A flat 1:1 top mirror view provides users with a more accurate and realistic representation of distances. This improved depth perception is particularly beneficial when navigating tight spaces or reversing, reducing the risk of collisions and enhancing overall driving safety.

Improved Alignment for Reversing: Flat mirrors can significantly aid in alignment tasks, such as reversing into parking spaces or aligning a hitch with a trailer. The clear and undistorted view allows for more precise and confident manoeuvring, reducing the likelihood of misalignment and potential damage.

*Replacement convex glass is also available to purchase for those who prefer the convex vision over the 1:1 vision.

Rediscover the joys of travel with the clarity and confidence that only Clearview can provide.

Seamless integration, extended visibility, and cutting-edge technology – Clearview Towing Mirrors are your ultimate partner in safety and convenience on the road. With each adventure you undertake, gain peace of mind knowing that the best towing mirrors accompany you. Clearview mirrors reflect the future of towing – one that is safer, smarter, and suited to modern demands.

Towing has never been clearer, and the road ahead never looked better.

Three driving positions

Standard Driving Position
Towing Position
Fully Extended
Towing Position

Technology Meets Towing

Clearview mirrors come with a range of advanced features such as 360-degree camera provision, auto-tilting function when reversing, memory adjustment, power-fold, and blind spot monitoring. These features enhance both the functionality and safety of the tow mirrors.

Double Arm Design Benefits

The double arm design of Clearview towing mirrors provides superior stability and adjustability. This innovative design minimises vibrations, even at high speeds or on rough terrains, ensuring that the driver has a clear and steady view at all times. The added support from the dual arms also allows for larger mirror surfaces, which enhances visibility and safety when towing or manoeuvring large vehicles. Clearview’s design remains the preferred choice for those seeking the utmost in mirror stability and reliability.

Spare Parts Availability
Clearview provides easy access to a complete range of spare parts, ensuring that users can quickly and efficiently replace components as needed. This extensive availability of spare parts contributes to the longevity and reliability of our mirrors, making them a preferred choice.

All Clearview Next Gen Towing Mirrors are available in a choice of black, chrome* and raw finish.




*Amarok 2H 2009 – 2022 models not available in Chrome due to its effect on radio reception

Raw finishes can be painted to any colour by a third-party automotive paint shop at an additional cost.

available features

360 degree Camera

360 degree parking system allowing for extra vision of all angles of the vehicle. Located below the mirror head. Camera must be removed from the OEM mirror and installed into your new Clearview Towing Mirrors. Only available for vehicles with pre-existing 360 camera feature. *Options may vary depending on make, model and year of vehicle.

OAT Sensor

Oat Sensor
An Outside Ambient Temperature (OAT) sensor can be found in some mirrors to monitor air temperature. This information is transmitted to the car’s computer, which controls the heating and cooling based on your preferred interior temperature. *Options may vary depending on make, model and year of vehicle.

Heated Glass

Demists and defogs glass on the mirror in frosty, icy weather, working off the same de-mist system as the vehicle. Frost and ice will melt away from glass when turned on. Only available for vehicles with pre-existing heated glass feature. *Options may vary depending on make, model and year of vehicle.

Blind Spot Monitoring

Ultrasonic or radar sensors located on the side and rear of vehicle body. Small indication light on the mirror glass alerts you when another vehicle is in your blind spot. Audible alert (beeping) or an induced vibration or light shake of the steering wheel will occur if the turn signal is flashing. Only available for vehicles with pre-existing BSM feature. *Options may vary depending on make, model and year of vehicle.

Memory Adjustments

Allows different drivers to recall the position of the mirror, steering wheel and seat. Settings are found on the inside of the driver's door armrest. Only available for vehicles with pre-existing memory feature. *Options may vary depending on make, model and year of vehicle.

Power Fold

Clearview Mirrors will electrically fold towards the body of the vehicle when you lock the vehicle, and electrically return to the driving position when you start the vehicle. Only available for vehicles with pre-existing power-fold feature. *Options may vary depending on make, model and year of vehicle.


Asset 2@2x
Clearview Mirrors support vertical and horizontal adjustment of the mirror glass to suit your preferred viewing angles. The single mirror model offers electric adjustment of the mirror and the double mirror models allow for the larger top mirror to be electrically adjusted. The bottom mirror is manually adjusted. Only available for vehicles with pre-existing electric feature. *Options may vary depending on make, model and year of vehicle.


Lights in the side of the mirror will flash to notify others that you have intentions to change lanes or turn. Clearview indicator mirror models include clear indicator lens with amber LED lights. Indicators in all manufactured mirrors are a standard CAT5 indicator. 10 LED lights inside lens. Only available for vehicles with pre-existing indicator feature. *Options may vary depending on make, model and year of vehicle.

CAT 6 Indicator option

Asset 1@2x
The Clearview CAT-6 LED Indicator is designed to meet the requirements of ADR 6/00. A CAT-6 Indicator is an optional fitment on all ‘Off Road Passenger Vehicles’ (MC Category) and most ‘Light Goods Vehicles’ (NA Category) but is a mandatory requirement on Light Goods Vehicles over 6.0m in length and all Medium Goods Vehicles with GVM between 3.5t and 4.5t. (Category NB-1). Note: The Clearview CAT-6 Indicator should only be used as the “Sole Side Indicator” on a vehicle, when the vehicle dimensions enable positioning of the Indicator, when fitted to a Clearview Towing Mirror, within the dimensions as prescribed by ADR 13/00 Appendix A Clause 6.5.4 – Installation of Light Signaling Devices – Position. For some Medium Goods Vehicles this may not be possible for the 'prescribed distance from the front of the vehicle to the Indicator (Clause', due to the reduction in maximum allowable distance, from 2500mm to 1800mm.

Clearview Next Gen Towing Mirrors

Our Clearview Next Gen Towing Mirrors are our flagship mirrors suitable for all your towing needs, with a twin mirror design of a single flat mirror above a smaller convex mirror, in a sleek design.

When you’re gearing up for a road trip with a caravan, trailer, or horse float attached to your vehicle, one of the critical considerations is your rear visibility during the drive. If your side mirrors are ineffective with the trailer hitched up, Clearview Extendable Mirrors provide the extra visibility required to see you safely to your destination.

Clearview Mirrors aren’t just great for reversing, they also provide the extra visibility to be aware of vehicles coming up behind you, wanting to overtake.

Visibility is paramount for road safety, especially when managing the additional length and width of towed objects. Towing mirrors play a vital role in providing a clear line of sight to both the sides and rear of your vehicle – essential for manoeuvring, overtaking, and reversing. In Australia, the use of towing mirrors is not just about safety; it’s also a legal requirement when towing anything wider than your vehicle.

Clearview Next Gen Towing Mirrors not only offer safety and legal compliance but also contribute to a confident and stress-free towing experience. Whether navigating busy highways or traversing rural landscapes, Clearview provides the best mirrors to ensure you can focus on the adventure ahead.

The most Next Gen Towing Mirrors around

Sleek-compact design. In the normal driving position, the Next Gen Mirror sits 67 MM closer to the vehicle than our Original Towing Mirror.

Sturdy steel construction for durability in the outback.

Looks great and adds massive functionality to
Extended towing position.

Extended towing position: The Next Gen Mirror extends to the same towing position as our Original Towing Mirrors

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