Clearview Easy Slide®

Easy access to cold food and drinks no matter where you’re going

Unlock Convenience and Accessibility for Campsite Culinary Freedom with the Clearview Easy Slide®!

In today’s world, where outdoor adventures can be a blend of rustic experience and contemporary convenience, a Clearview Easy Slide® drop down fridge slide offers a nod to modern ingenuity that simplifies life on the go.

For easy, safe access to your cold food and drinks when exploring the great outdoors – your back will thank you, and your belly will too. Adventure awaits, and with a Clearview Easy Slide® drop down fridge slide, you’re ready to meet it head-on, with a cold drink in hand.

The Clearview Easy Slide® is an ADR and OHS compliant quality-designed product that can be easily installed in your vehicle, so you have easy access to cold food and drinks no matter where you’re going. This state-of-the-art fridge lowering slide is easy to use and access from the back of your vehicle or from within your canopy.

Easy Access:
Simplify your outdoor experience with the Clearview Easy Slide®. It smoothly lowers your fridge by up to 290mm, making it easily reachable without the need for a portable caravan step – even with a lifted vehicle.
Customised Heights:
Choose from four different platform heights to ensure your fridge sits at the perfect level for your specific needs. Personalised convenience at your fingertips!
Uninterrupted Fridge Access:
Featuring an unobtrusive handle, the Clearview Easy Slide® allows full access to your fridge without any awkward handle hassle.
Capability and Durability:
A robust load rating of 180Kg means that the slide can support a fully loaded fridge / freezer.
Security and Stability:
Enjoy peace of mind with the slide’s quick release double runners, heavy-duty Travel Lock that promises not to rattle, and a safety locking mechanism to prevent any sudden upward/downward movements.
Effortless Usage:
With its monster 1500N gas struts, lifting and lowering your fridge becomes a breeze, effectively neutralizing the weight of the fridge.

Ready for hassle-free 4WDing and camping?  Introduce yourself to the ultimate convenience with the Clearview Easy Slide® – the simplest drop-down fridge slide for your outdoor adventures.

Handle up, fridge up; handle down, fridge down!  It’s that easy!

Accessing your cold food and drinks has never been smoother. Say goodbye to awkward stretching and heavy lifting, and hello to more time enjoying the great outdoors!

The Clearview Easy Slide® isn’t just an accessory; it’s an indispensable component of any outdoor adventure.

Say goodbye to the cumbersome and awkward handling of your fully loaded fridge/freezer or cooler. With a simple “Handle up – Fridge up, Handle down – Fridge down!” mantra, you’re all set to raise your outdoor experience to new heights of comfort and convenience.
Revel in more time immersed in the beauty of nature, rather than fussing with logistics. The easy access, bolstered by top-tier safety and stability features, ensure that with the Clearview Easy Slide®, your cold food and drinks are always ready when you are. Transform your vehicle into the ultimate adventure-ready partner today and wave goodbye to awkward fridge/freezer logistics for good!

Outdoor Camping Trips: Forget the strain of lifting heavy fridges; access your food and drinks conveniently during any camping adventure.

Van Life Living: Maximize limited space with efficient fridge access that simplifies everyday living on the road.

Picnics & roadside stops: The perfect partner for a picnic or roadside stop, enjoy easy access to refreshments in any location.

Fishing Trips: Keep your catch fresh and your drinks chilled, all within arm’s reach without the back strain.

Easy Slide Features:

  • Smoothly lowers the fridge up to 290mm, with the option of 4 different platform heights to choose from.
  • Unobtrusive handle allows for uninterrupted access to your fridge.
  • It’s as easy as Handle up – Fridge up and Handle down – Fridge down!
  • 180Kg load rating to support a fully loaded fridge or our very own kitchen/pantry (Use ES100-PLUS model)
  • Quick release double runners and heavy duty Travel Lock that is guaranteed not to rattle!
  • Safety locking mechanism prevents sudden upward/downward movements
  • Monster 1500N gas struts make light work of neutralising the weight of the fridge
  • Crash tested and ADR compliant
  • Adjustable Fridge Cage available to suit
  • 37kg net weight – 40Kg gross weight when packaged

Elevate your campsite with the Clearview Easy Slide®!  Easy up, easy down – no more heavy lifting headaches!

Find the Best-Fit Slide For Your Fridge

The Clearview Easy Slide® tray dimensions are critical in determining which Clearview Easy Slide® is the best fit for your travel fridge.

Choose your fridge brand and model to find which Clearview Easy Slide® is right for you.

Want to see all of the dimensions of our Easy Slide?

Camp Like a Pro with the Clearview Easy Slide® – The Ultimate Fridge Slide Solution

Transform the way you camp with the innovative Clearview Easy Slide®! Access cold food and drinks without breaking a sweat. Our cutting-edge drop-down design means more time relaxing and less time lifting. Perfect for weekend trips and serious touring alike.

Enhanced Accessibility Wherever You Are

Whether you’re camping, glamping or living the van life, easy access to your perishables is crucial. An Easy Slide drop down fridge slide allows you to utilise your vehicle’s space efficiently. No more awkward stretching or the risk of dropping your food items while trying to manoeuvre them out of the fridge. Just an easy glide down and you’re ready to serve up your camping meals or enjoy a cold beverage.

Durability for the Hardiest of Adventures

Another key aspect of the Clearview Easy Slide drop down fridge slides is their rugged construction. Built to withstand the bumps and jolts of off-road escapades, these slides ensure your fridge stays secure and functional throughout your trip. High-quality materials and sturdy locking mechanisms mean you can focus on navigating the tracks without worrying about the safety of your fridge or its contents.



813mm x 550mm

846mm x 550mm

738mm x 390mm




813mm x 620mm

846mm x 620mm

738mm x 460mm




965mm x 690mm

1005mm x 690mm

885mm x 530mm



Experience the Ultimate Convenience with a Drop Down Fridge Slide

Adventuring in the great outdoors has never looked better, or been more convenient, thanks to the innovation of the drop down fridge slide. Whether you’re an avid camper, enthusiastic road tripper, or a devoted van-lifer, accessing your cold food and drinks with ease is a game-changer. Introducing the Clearview Easy Slide®, your newest travel must-have that says ‘goodbye’ to the days of awkward reaches and ‘hello’ to effortless access.

How does an Easy Slide work?

Simply unlock the travel lock mechanism, pull down on the yellow ergonomic slide quick release runner levers and pull the fridge towards you to full extension. A gas strut-assisted vertical scissor lift action and safety latch system then allows for safe and easy lowering of your fridge, providing convenient access to its contents.

What is a Drop Down Fridge Slide?

The Clearview Easy Slide® is a drop down fridge slide. A drop-down fridge slide is a mechanism that allows you to easily slide your fridge or freezer in and out of your vehicle or outdoor kitchen setup. It is designed to securely hold and protect your fridge while providing easy access to your food and drinks. The “drop-down” part refers to the fact that the slide can be lowered to a lower level for easier access, and then raised back up to its original position for storage.



Fridge slide cage

Store your gear safely around your fridge without restricting critical airflow with a Clearview® Fridge Cage!

Your fridge compressor will produce heat whilst working and its important to allow sufficient space around the fridge for this heat to escape.

Designed to adapt to changing fridges and slides.

Clip On Tray

camping table

The Clearview® Clip on Tray is a portable camping table designed to conveniently hang off your Easy Slide® or Drop Slide. Each tray is supported by two fold-out legs allowing the tray to hold up to 15kgs in weight. It’s easy clip on/clip off design makes it a breeze to set up extra platform space to prepare a quick meal, snacks or a cold drink!

cable saver

cable saver

The Cable Saver protects your portable fridge cable from getting caught or jammed in the bearing runner of your fridge slides, by keeping them up and out of the way. The Clearview® Cable Saver attaches securely to your fridge slide with its strong magnetised base.

Have you seen the Clearview® Pantry?

A “must-have” when camping, the Clearview® kitchen pantry and tray makes life so much easier for storage and space while on the road.

We believe that setting up camp should be quick and easy. The unique design of the Clearview® Pantry lets you transition from adventure to al fresco dining with ease. It’s more than a camp kitchen; it’s a space-creating accessory that speeds up meal prep and heightens your outdoor experience.

Straight Slide Vs Drop Down Fridge Slide

One of the main drawbacks of portable chest fridges is their height, and fully loaded weight, when in the back of the vehicle. Add a 2” lift to the vehicle and suddenly, accessing your food and drinks becomes a mission that requires a portable caravan step!

This is where Clearview’s Fridge Slide Range comes in handy!

The Clearview Easy Slide® is designed to be installed internally within a canopy, vehicle or trailer. Constant exposure to the elements can cause rust.

Regular routine maintenance will also help to ensure continued smooth operation of your Clearview Easy Slide®!

  • Keep the slide runners, tray and bearings free from dirt and grit 
  • Clean your slide regularly, wiping it down with a clean, damp cloth to remove any dirt or grit. 
  • Avoid any waxy lubricants and WD-40 as they can attract dirt and grit.

Installation Guide

This Step by step Guide will show you exactly how to fit a Clearview Easy Slide® to a vehicle drawer system in your vehicle.

User Guide

Find everything you need for safe slide usage and installation.

Technical Specifications

Looking for the exact dimensions of our Easy Slide®? Find everything you need with our PDF technical specification.

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