Why are Clearview Mirrors the Best Towing Mirrors?

When it comes to choosing the best mirrors for your vehicle, particularly for off-road and towing purposes, Clearview towing mirrors remain the most popular options on the market. What sets Clearview mirrors apart and why are they the better choice?

Design and Build Quality
Clearview has been manufacturing Towing mirrors since 2006, and during that time has built a reputation for producing mirrors with robust construction and premium materials. These mirrors feature a telescoping design that can extend outward to provide a wider field of view, which is particularly useful when towing larger trailers and vans. No other brand has the longevity of use that Clearview has to see how they hold up with long term use.

Functionality and Features
Clearview mirrors come with a range of advanced features such as 360-degree camera provision, auto-tilting function when reversing, memory adjustment, power-fold, and blind spot monitoring. These features enhance both the functionality and safety of the tow mirrors.
While some other mirrors can offer some additional features, they often lack the comprehensive suite of functionalities found in Clearview towing mirrors. This can make Clearview a more appealing option for those looking for a fully featured mirror.

Double Arm Design Benefits
The double arm design of Clearview towing mirrors provides superior stability and adjustability. This innovative design minimises vibrations, even at high speeds or on rough terrains, ensuring that the driver has a clear and steady view at all times. The added support from the dual arms also allows for larger mirror surfaces, which enhances visibility and safety when towing or manoeuvring large vehicles. Clearview’s design remains the preferred choice for those seeking the utmost in mirror stability and reliability.

Enhanced Depth Perception
The enhanced depth perception in the Next Gen & Original Towing Mirror’s flat 1:1 top mirror view provides users with a more accurate and realistic representation of distances. One of the key advantages of a flat 1:1 top mirror is the minimal distortion it provides. Unlike convex mirrors, which can make objects appear smaller or farther away than they actually are, flat mirrors deliver a true-to-life image. This helps drivers gauge distances more effectively and make better judgments about the space around their vehicle, which is particularly important when reversing into parking spaces or aligning a hitch with a trailer.

    Ease of Installation
    Clearview mirrors are designed to be user-friendly and easy to install. They come with plug-and-play wiring harnesses that match the vehicle’s existing systems, making the installation process straightforward. Included full colour installation instructions as well as online video instructions deliver a hassle-free setup.

    Customer Support and Warranty
    Clearview is known for its excellent customer support and comprehensive warranty policies. Users have peace of mind knowing that they are backed by a reliable service team and extensive Australia-wide warranty coverage. This is an important factor to consider for long-term use and support.

    Spare Parts Availability
    Clearview provides easy access to a complete range of spare parts, ensuring that users can quickly and efficiently replace components as needed. This extensive availability of spare parts contributes to the longevity and reliability of our mirrors, making them a preferred choice for many users.
    Other brands may also offer spare parts, but the availability may not be as extensive as Clearview’s which can result in longer wait times for specific components and could potentially lead to more downtime if replacements are required. This is an important consideration when evaluating the overall maintenance and support for their mirrors.

      While all towing mirrors have their merits, Clearview stands out due to its superior design, expansive field of view, ease of installation, advanced features, and after sales support. For those who prioritise durability, functionality, and ease of use, Clearview mirrors are the better choice.

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