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>Pre-order our NEW Next Gen towing mirrors
Use the search below to find your make and model

Order our NEW Next Gen towing mirrors
Use the search below to find your make and model

Australia’s Original Full Replacement Towing Mirrors

Clearview Towing Mirrors are the result of nearly 10 years of careful research and development.

Tested on the corrugated roads of Australia – from Cape York’s Telegraph Track to the Gibb River Road, Clearview Mirrors are purpose built tough for Australian conditions.

Each mirror in the range is designed to handle any challenge the outback has to offer; earning their reputation as a top quality product built to exceed customer expectations.



Use the search bar below to find the right Clearview Towing Mirror for your vehicle. Our mirrors are made to suit every make, model and series. Learn more about our product, sizing, installation and so much more.

Clearview Mirrors are built to be vehicle specific and as such, won’t fit all vehicles. But they do have mirrors designed to fit more than 32 different vehicle models!

Clearview’s ever-expanding range includes vehicle brands as diverse as Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Ford, Chevrolet, Holden, Isuzu, Mazda, Jeep, and Land Rover. Clearview’s range of Towing Mirrors is constantly evolving. So even if there isn’t a model currently available to suit your vehicle, Clearview is likely busy perfecting one for it right now.

Next Gen

Next Gen Towing Mirrors -

Sleeker, Smarter, Safe

It took just 4 years to bring the Next Gen Towing Mirror series to life. After over 13 years in the business we thought it was time to look at introducing a new style of towing mirrors.

The Next Gen is a smaller mirror which sits on a double slide and slides right back into the vehicle when not towing just like an OEM mirror. When you hook your van up you simply slide the mirror head out an impressive 180mm, giving the ultimate vision you need to keep you safe when towing.

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What Are Clearview Mirrors?

Clearview Towing Mirrors are a full replacement towing mirrors meant to replace your vehicle’s standard side mirrors.

Their clever design incorporates two different surfaces.

The top mirror features a flat, reflective surface that reflects vision directly down the sides of your caravan. Whilst a smaller, bottom convex mirror helps eliminate blind spots by giving you more vision out to the lanes beside your vehicle.

Clearview Mirrors are easy to adjust. So you’re always able to quickly switch the mirror to areas like tyres, wheels or the undercarriage of your caravan.

Clearview Mirrors are substantially larger than your standard side mirror. In standard driving position, Clearview Mirrors have a wider outwards reach of approximately 100mm; a total surface area much bigger than the standard models.

When you’re ready to tow, Clearview Mirrors slide out an additional 100mm! An additional extension that allows for around a total 200mm of extension over standard side mirrors.

Clearview Mirrors are also designed to manually fold inwards or outwards towards the car. In case someone brushes past you in a car park.

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The Superior Quality of Clearview Mirrors

Clearview Mirrors are injection moulded. And built from diecast aluminium to provide a firm and stable footing on every vehicle. Every Clearview Towing Mirror base is finished on a CNC milling machine for consistent accuracy and a perfect fit to every vehicle.

Clearview mirrors are built with steel arms through the centre for maximum strength. Arms that utilise cams precision cut from stainless steel on a high tech water cutting machine.

These cams are welded to the arms in Melbourne for the best levels of quality control and consistency. The finished arms are then coated in a special corrosion resistant electro coating paint process.
Final assembly takes place at Clearview’s Melbourne factory. Where they are powder coated to ensure the highest level of finish possible. Every set of
Clearview Mirrors are then inspected and tested, before being boxed and shipped to dealers or direct to customers.

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Clearview Mirrors Are Legal in All Australian States And Territories

All of our Towing Mirrors have been tested and approved as compliant with all applicable Australian Design Rules. Which ensures their legality in all states and territories of Australia.

Each base mount is designed to be vehicle specific.

All Clearview Mirror models have been individually tested by Evo Compliance, a NSW based firm with extensive experience within the automotive field and more than 15 years in automotive/mechanical engineering consulting, vehicle compliance and certification.

Interested in viewing the complete listing of Clearview Towing Mirror ADR Compliance Certificates?

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Available Finishes and Features

Electric or Manual Flat Mirror Adjustment

Clearview Towing Mirrors can be fully electric – meaning the larger flat mirror glass is capable of being shifted with the flick of a switch from your existing mirror controller – or they can also be fitted as a manual, non-electric mirror.

Please note that Clearview Mirrors are not capable of electric folds, memory adjustments, or auto dipping for reverse. And they do not contain puddle lights or cameras. If your standard side mirrors contain any of these functions they will be lost once Clearview Mirrors are installed. But will have no effect on any of the vehicle’s other functions.

With or Without Indicators

Clearview Towing Mirrors can be fitted with or without indicators. If your vehicle’s standard side mirrors contain indicators, remember – you are required by law to buy replacement side mirrors with indicators. Some vehicles can have Clearview Mirrors with indicators even if the vehicle’s standard side mirrors do not contain indicators.

Black or Chrome Finish

A choice between a chrome or textured black finish will suit most vehicles. Whilst both designs are equally durable and practical, and will be able to resist the rigours the Australian outback is bound to produce, the chrome mirrors do require a polish every once in a while to maintain their original shine.









Powerfold (New Feature – Select Models Only)

Some Clearview Towing Mirrors now come with the new innovative Powerfold feature, designed to electrically fold flat to the side of your vehicle with one easy touch of a button. This handy feature makes avoiding surrounding objects like thick bushland a breeze, allowing you the added comfort of remaining in the vehicle.