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Nissan Patrol Y62 Towing Mirrors

Extendable Towing Mirrors suitable for the Y62 Nissan Patrol include the Clearview Next Gen, Compact and Original Towing Mirrors.

  • Clearview Towing Mirrors are true replacement mirrors, designed to use the same holes, fitting and wiring (where applicable) as your factory mirrors for plug-and-play installation. 
  • Clearview mirrors extend out when towing and push back in for normal driving
  • Won’t retract when driving at high speeds or when passing large trucks.
  • All Next Gen and Compact Y62 Towing Mirrors are available in Black or Chrome, as well as in a “Raw” finish for colour-coding. Raw finishes can be painted to any colour by a third-party automotive paint shop at an additional cost.
  • Clearview also offers a CAT 6 LED Indicator option in the Next Gen and Compact Towing Mirrors. The Clearview CAT-6 LED Indicator is designed to meet the requirements of ADR 6/00.

All standard functionality of the original factory Y62 mirror will carry through to the Clearview Extendable Mirrors, except for reverse auto dip and memory available in Ti-L models.

Available Y62 mirror features include 360 Camera provision, Power Fold, heat, electric operating glass & integrated LED indicators in Compact and Next Gen mirrors.

Original Towing Mirror features include Heat, Indicators, Electric Mirror Adjustment and Power Fold.

Y62 Nissan Patrol Towing Mirrors Camera Functionality

The Nissan Patrol’s 360° camera is standard in some models, providing a bird’s-eye view of your surroundings.

Two of these cameras are located below the mirror heads. These cameras need to be removed from the factory mirror and installed into your new Clearview Towing Mirrors to retain the 360 degree camera feature. 

Which is better: Clearview Compacts or Next Gen Towing Mirrors on your Y62?

It’s always going to be subjective as to which extendable towing mirror looks better on your Y62, so there is no right or wrong answer! Clearview provides a choice of mirror models to cater to individual tastes and needs.

Aesthetically, there is only a 57mm height difference and 2mm width difference between the Compact and Next Gen Towing Mirrors. The front of the mirrors is where all the magic happens!

Whilst both mirrors can be used for most applications, we do recommend the Next Gen Towing mirrors when regularly towing larger vans, as the Next Gen’s larger size provides a level of visibility that the Compact towing mirror, in its more compact size, can’t.

The Next Gen’s dual mirror design incorporates an upper large flat glass for reflecting true distance and lower convex glass for a broader view of the vehicle’s surrounds, making it the ultimate towing mirror recommended for all of your towing needs. Replacement convex glass is also available to purchase for those who prefer the convex vision. 

The Compact Towing Mirror’s large convex single mirror diminishes objects it reflects, allowing the driver to have a wide field of view similar to a factory mirror, making it perfect those who want a sleek, compact style while still ensuring wide visibility and safety. Compact Towing Mirrors are just like a standard Mirror, with the additional advantage of the extra visibility that our towing mirror extension provides.

Snorkel Options for Nissan Patrol Y62 Clearview Towing Mirrors

If installing Clearview Towing Mirrors to a Y62 that already has a snorkel installed, we recommend Clearview’s “with fitted snorkel” range. These “with snorkel” part numbers can be identified with the number 2 in the part numbers. For example: CVC-NP-Y62-2HVFIEB.

If installing Clearview Towing Mirrors to a Y62 that doesn’t have a snorkel already installed, we recommend Clearview’s “without fitted snorkel” range. These “without snorkel” part numbers can be identified without the number 2 in the part numbers. For example: CVC-NP-Y62-HVFIEB.

The only difference between the two options is the change to the top mirror cover (same top cap as the rounded bottom cap) to allow the mirror to fit around an already-installed snorkel. 

Can I change my mind and install a snorkel after I’ve installed my “without snorkel” mirrors? Yes. Generally, the snorkel installer has some wiggle room when installing to take into account the Clearview Mirrors. 

Can I still install a Stainless Steel snorkel with Clearviews? Yes.

Y62 without snorkel Next Gen mirror – Note the difference in the top and bottom arm covers.

Y62 with snorkel Compact mirror – Note that the top and bottom arm covers are the same rounded covers.

Tow with Confidence with Clearview Mirrors

Seamless integration, extended visibility, and cutting-edge technology — Clearview Towing Mirrors are your ultimate partner in safety and convenience on the road. 

With the Clearview Next Gen & Compact Towing Mirrors leading the charge, the versatility on offer is unparalleled:

  • Telescopic Extension: Choose from 3 driving positions and enjoy high-speed resistance and protection against large truck drafts.
  • Power-Folding Capability: Enjoy the convenience of folding your mirrors at the touch of a button when needed.
  • Advanced Electronics Integration: Retain 360 camera functionality, heated glass, and electric operating glass catered to your specific vehicle.
  • Aesthetic Compatibility: Designed to mirror the look and feel of factory mirrors, maintaining the style of your vehicle.
  • Built for Towing: Whether towing smaller trailers or large caravans, Clearview has a fit for every need.

Clearview mirrors reflect the future of towing – one that is safer, smarter, and suited to modern demands.

With each adventure you undertake, gain peace of mind knowing that the best towing mirrors accompany you.

Access to spare parts is an important consideration when making any purchase, as accidents happen! We support our Clearview Towing Mirrors with a comprehensive range of spare parts to keep you moving!

In addition to the frustration it causes, downtime can be costly when spare parts aren’t available.

As we build our mirrors here in Australia, spare parts are readily available in Australia, allowing us to minimise turnaround time to replace the broken part, faster!

We offer a range of videos demonstrating how to replace the part, allowing you to repair it quickly to get back on the road again.

Did you know that we include a range of spare parts available here on our website?

If the part you’re looking for isn’t there, please get in touch with us, or one of our dealers.

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