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Trouble getting in and out of your vehicle? Revolutionise your travel experience with Clearview® Power Boards.

If your vehicle is built for off-road and has been lifted for clearance, stepping in and out of the vehicle can take more effort! Clearview® Power Boards provide a safe stepping surface without sacrificing all-important clearance!

These retractable side steps provide an easy and safe way to step in and out of your vehicle. 

Clearview® Power Boards are fitted under the vehicle, running along the length of the vehicle between the wheel arches on both the driver and passenger sides.

Clearview® Power Boards are triggered by the vehicle’s door sensor. When the door opens, the Power Board is activated and automatically lowers up to 300mm, from door sill to lowered board (depending on model) to a convenient stepping height. When the door closes, the Power Board will automatically retract back to the body of the vehicle.

The inbuilt safety feature activates if any resistance is felt on the step resulting in the step holding its position. Opening and closing the door again will deactivate the Power Board’s safety stop.

With 300kg load capacity, safety cut off feature and IP68 rating on the motors, accessing your vehicle is as easy as one step up.

Power Board Features:

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What are electric side steps?

Electric side steps are an advanced type of running board that automatically extends from under a vehicle’s doors when the door is opened, and then retracts when the door is closed. They are designed to make it easier for passengers to get in and out of high vehicles by providing a sturdy step that lowers to a more accessible level. The electric mechanism is operated by a motor, which is activated by a sensor when the door is opened or closed.

Why do I need electric side steps?

Clearview Power Board electric side steps are great for anyone who has difficulty getting in and out of high vehicles, or for those who want to make it more accessible for passengers. They can also be helpful for parents with young children who may need help climbing in and out of the vehicle. Moreover, they can improve the overall appearance of the vehicle and add a touch of luxury.

Electric side steps are a practical and worthwhile investment for your vehicle.

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