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Australia’s Favourite Towing Mirrors are just the beginning

A Family Legacy

Behind every Clearview product is not just technological expertise but also a story of family and passion. The father and son-in-law duo, Mike Cowan and Jay Praag, have transformed their family business into a pillar of the Australian 4WD and Touring Industry. Their continued engagement with the touring community underscores the commitment and personal touch that Clearview Accessories embodies.

We’ve all been in contact with a set of Clearviews at some point in our lives, and many of us have met Uncle Mike on our travels. Being an active part of the touring community means that Mike is always available for a chat with fellow tourers! 

Australia’s Favourite Towing Mirrors are just the beginning

Since our inception, our unrelenting commitment to creating solutions found nowhere else, has helped us establish our position as a leader in manufacturing unique 4wd and touring accessories. With an entrenched enterprising spirit, we are dedicated to creating value for, and delighting our customers.

Discover the road less travelled with Clearview Accessories

We Were Tired of Being Unable to Find Good Quality Towing Mirrors

Clearview Accessories® began in 2006, as a family run business owned by entrepreneur Mike Cowan and his son-in-law Jay Praag. 

In the years that followed, Mike and Jay turned their small family business with three full-time employees, into one of Australia’s most respected 4WD and Touring Brands. 

With a strong passion for the automotive industry, quality design and discipline in professional workmanship, our trust is built within our values of creating high quality ADR compliant designs. 

From humble beginnings, Clearview Accessories® has grown and today manufactures a range of unique, quality products for your next off-road adventure! 


We're Proudly Australian

Clearview Towing Mirrors® are proudly Australian Owned and Built. 

We build our mirrors tough. We make them in Australia. We test them in Australia. And we build them to withstand the rigors of the Australian outback. If they withstand the Australian outback, they’re tough enough for any country!

Launched in 2006, the first generation of Clearview’s Towing Mirrors, aptly named “Original Towing Mirrors” are still available today, albeit in an updated format. They say that imitation is the best form of flattery, and many cheap copies of Clearview’s Original Towing Mirrors have since entered the market.

Today, Clearview Accessories offers three different Extendable Towing Mirror designs. The new Clearview Next Gen & Compact Towing Mirrors extend out a full 180mm for towing but retract to close to the factory profile of the standard mirrors they replace! When set to their normal driving position, the mirrors remain unobtrusive during your daily commute when you don’t need extended mirrors, or when you need to fit into tight spaces.

1800+ Dealers Australia Wide

Finding a local dealer is now easy thanks to our dealer finder.

Simply enter your postcode or suburb and we’ll list all of the local dealers in your area.

Due to our reputation for quality, our products are sold in over 1800 locations Australia wide.

The Clearview® Difference

World Class Products, Knowledge & Experience

We supply world class products that leverage our know-how in manufacturing, technical capability, R&D, testing and design, whilst providing innovative functionality and high-added value to our customers.








As technology advances and new needs are discovered, we are continually working to anticipate future changes, ensuring that our capabilities and products are always evolving and creating value.







After Sales Support

Customer-friendly Installation instructions, warranty services, online and over the phone support, full spare parts back up and service, combine to create life-long customers.








Global Supply Capability

Current partners in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and around the world, assist directly in gathering information on the needs of customers in local markets. We are continuing to expand on this network to supply products to customers in more countries and regions right across the world.





ISO 9001 Quality Management certification ensures that we are continually improving, streamlining operations, and building a sustainable business with strong corporate governance.








Over 1,800 Australian dealers choose to partner with Clearview Accessories®, providing us with an unparalleled footprint to support customers all over Australia.

Towing with Confidence: Buy & Sell Pre-Loved Clearview Towing Mirrors

Clearview Towing Mirrors are a critical addition for any caravan, horse float, or boat owner. They ensure that you have the visibility needed to transport your precious cargo safely. However, brand new mirrors can be a significant investment. That’s where the opportunity to buy and sell pre-loved Clearview Towing Mirrors comes into the picture – it’s an initiative that serves both your wallet and the environment.

A Marketplace for Your Towing Needs
Our dedicated platform is tailored to the unique needs of the towing community. It provides a space where you can easily sell your pre-loved Clearview Towing Mirrors as you upgrade your vehicle or buy second-hand items in excellent condition. By offering this free service, we assist our customers in recouping some of their investments while also helping new buyers to snag a deal.

Visit our Pre-Loved Mirror Marketplace

Clearview Accessories successfully defends patent against MSA 4X4

In February 2021, MSA 4×4 announced Legal Action against Clearview Accessories, commencing proceedings in which MSA alleged patent infringement of their Drop Slide.

The Federal Court of Australia this week announced that it has ruled in Clearview Accessories’ favour in MSA 4X4’s patent-infringement lawsuit MSA 4×4 Accessories Pty Ltd v Clearview Towing Mirrors Pty Ltd [2024] FCA 24.

The court ruled that Clearview Accessories has not infringed on Shane Miles’ drop slide patent by manufacturing and selling the Easy Slide.

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Christmas Open Hours

Clearview Accessories will be closed from the 22nd December 2023 to the 8th January 2024 to celebrate the Christmas season with our loved ones. Any orders received during this period will be processed upon our return from Monday 8th January 2024.
On behalf of the whole Clearview team, we’d like to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year!