Terms and Conditions & Warranty Information

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Warranty Support

Here at Clearview, we stand by our quality products and take responsibility if something does go wrong.

For a successful warranty claim, it is important that the customer must:
a) have the Clearview product fitted in accordance with the product information provided and all relevant vehicle safety and compliance laws;
b) use the Clearview product for the purpose for which it was originally designed;
c) carry out normal care and maintenance of the Clearview products, including any required by the product information;
d) make the claim within the warranty period

The Clearview Warranty will not apply in circumstances where the defect is caused by:
a) incorrect or faulty fitment, accidental or intentional damage, alteration, acts of nature, vandalism, collision, road hazards or adverse conditions, misuse, abuse or neglect of the Clearview product, including improper repair or maintenance or failing to repair and maintain the product, failure of other products, operation of the product outside of its environmental or technical specifications, or repair or modification carried out by anyone other than Clearview Accessories.
b) alteration, modification, or manipulation of our products.

More information can be found on our warranties below.

Having a problem with your Clearview products?

Our repair and return process addresses all issues, whether caused by an accident or other reasons. If you need your product repaired or restored, contact us to receive a Return Authority to send the product back.

We offer return-to-base services for out-of-warranty repairs or restorations. Depending on the situation, there may be a charge, or we may provide the service as a goodwill gesture, handled on a case-by-case basis.

In cases where charges are likely to apply, we will discuss remediation and costs with you before proceeding with the repair.

Christmas Open Hours

Clearview Accessories will be closed from the 22nd December 2023 to the 8th January 2024 to celebrate the Christmas season with our loved ones. Any orders received during this period will be processed upon our return from Monday 8th January 2024.
On behalf of the whole Clearview team, we’d like to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year!