Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series Towing Mirrors

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Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series Towing Mirrors

Clearview Accessories, renowned for its ability in crafting quality extendable towing mirrors, upholds a commitment to traffic safety and compatibility with the latest automotive technologies. We understand the necessity of an unobstructed rear view when towing sizeable loads. Traditional mirrors often don’t provide adequate visibility when hauling caravans, trailers, or horse floats. This is where our Clearview Extendable Towing Mirrors step in, uniquely crafted to optimise your driving experience with your Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series.

Significance of Improved Visibility with Clearview

Our Clearview Towing Mirrors are not merely resilient, functional additions to your Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series; they are a critical safety element. They’re engineered to offset the constraints of conventional mirrors, offering an expanded field of vision that facilitates reversing and keeps you aware of vehicles trailing or trying to pass you. In a country like Australia, where the law mandates towing mirrors for anything wider than your vehicle, their importance is paramount.

Since 2009, Clearview Accessories has been a trusted name in the towing mirror manufacturing industry, observing and adapting to the swift progress in technology. Today’s vehicles come packed with a multitude of technological features like Outside Air Temperature (OAT) Sensors, GPS, AM-FM radio, Blindspot Monitoring Systems, Reverse Auto Tilting, Memory and 360-degree Cameras, many of which are integrated into the side mirrors. With Clearview Towing Mirrors, you don’t have to forgo any of these.

The Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series comes standard with basic bolt on, metal frame side mirrors. Clearview Accessories offers an extensive range of options to personalise and upgrade the LandCruiser 70 Series mirrors!

Options include;

  • Direct replacement extendable mirrors that “mirror” the existing functionality in the vehicle, but in a better-looking, more stable and robust mirror design. 
  • For those wanting additional features in their towing mirrors, Clearview offers a range of upgrades from adding electric mirror adjustment, to adding indicators to the mirrors, right through to adding Power Fold functionality! These additions obviously add more cost to the mirrors’ initial purchase price, but they also add additional costs around hard wiring the functionality into the vehicle. Clearview does provide the wiring harnesses and switches with our mirrors to help reduce installation time.
  • All 70 Series Towing Mirrors are available in Black or Chrome
  • All Clearview Next Gen and Compact Towing Mirrors for the LC70 are also available in a “Raw” finish for colour-coding. Raw finishes can be painted to any colour by a third-party automotive paint shop at an additional cost.
  • Clearview also offers a CAT 6 LED Indicator option in the Next Gen and Compact Towing Mirrors.

Clearview Towing Mirrors for Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series

Clearview Towing Mirrors for your Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series offer a comprehensive replacement solution intended to entirely supersede the vehicle’s standard side mirrors. They’re not just a supplementary accessory but a fully integrated system that serves as an essential component of your vehicle, vastly enhancing your towing experience.


These mirrors are specifically constructed for towing larger trailers, caravans, boats, and horse floats. They are extendable, providing you with the added visibility needed to tow large loads safely. Their sturdy design makes them an excellent match for the robust Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series, bolstering its capabilities while ensuring its readiness for any task.


Clearview isn’t just our brand name; it is our pledge to you—a guarantee of clear, unhindered views while towing, ensuring your travels are safe. We vouch for our Clearview Extendable Towing Mirrors, designed with the most advanced technology to complement your Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series flawlessly.


Opt for Clearview Accessories today, where we combine safety and innovation to offer you the premier extendable towing mirrors on the market. With Clearview, you can set off on your journey with assurance, knowing that you have optimal visibility while towing your valuable cargo. We are Clearview Accessories, your reliable partner for all your towing necessities.

Why are the Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series Mirror Bases different?

The existing positions of the mirror mounting holes on the doors of the LC79 vary as the standard mirrors are installed after the vehicle lands in Australia. When the factory mirror is removed, it leaves two holes in the side of the door panel. Our Clearview Towing Mirror base mounts onto these same holes, but due to their varying positions on individual vehicles, our mounting holes are elongated to allow for the variance. This can also mean that the overall position of the mirror on the door can be different by vehicle.

Toyota LandCruiser Troop Carriers are designed with vent windows (triangular windows). Clearview Towing Mirrors can be installed onto Troop Carriers, but due to the mounting position of the mirrors overlapping the glass, the vent windows will no longer be operational. New mounting holes will need to be drilled in the side of the door panels to support the mirror base.

Christmas Open Hours

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On behalf of the whole Clearview team, we’d like to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year!