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Why do I need a Fridge Slide?

Clearview Fridge Slides are more than just a luxury – They’re a practical upgrade that provide ease and convenience to your outdoor dining experiences.

Keeping perishable foods fresh and drinks cold, no matter where you are is an important consideration when touring. Portable chest fridges have been popular amongst outdoor enthusiasts, campers, and travellers for many years. In comparison to portable upright fridges, they have several distinct advantages.

Advantages of portable chest fridges

Chest fridges are truly portable allowing you to take it out of the vehicle if you need it for an upcoming party to store extra drinks or leftovers!

Portable chest fridges have a larger capacity and can store more items. This is because they have a deeper and wider storage space, making it easier to fit larger items such as bottles, cans, and even whole chickens. In contrast, portable upright fridges have a more limited storage capacity and are best suited for smaller items.

Portable chest fridges have better insulation than portable upright fridges. This means they can keep items cooler for longer periods of time, even in hot temperatures. In contrast, portable upright fridges may struggle to maintain a consistent temperature in hot weather, which can negatively impact the quality of the stored items.

Portable chest fridges are generally more energy-efficient than portable upright fridges. This is because chest fridges have a lid that opens from the top, which reduces cold air loss and keeps the temperature more stable. In contrast, upright fridges have a door that opens from the front, which can lead to more cold air being let out whenever you open the door.

Portable chest fridges can also be used no matter what angle your vehicle is on, they don’t need as much ventilation space as Uprights and their design is such that compressors and heat exchanges aren’t exposed to potential damage.

Defrosting is something that doesn’t have to happen as often with portable chest fridges.

Main drawbacks of portable chest fridges

One of the main drawbacks of portable chest fridges is their height, and fully loaded weight, when in the back of the vehicle. Add a 2” lift to the vehicle and suddenly, accessing your food and drinks becomes a mission that requires a portable caravan step!

This is where Clearview’s Fridge Slide Range comes in handy!

Don’t overlook the importance of easy, safe access to your food and drink supplies when exploring the great outdoors. Make the switch—your back will thank you, and your belly will too.

Why You Need a Drop Down Fridge Slide for Your Next Trip

Unlock Convenience and Accessibility for Campsite Culinary Freedom

For avid campers and outdoor adventurers, having access to cold food and drinks can turn a rugged trip into a refreshing escape. But when it comes to storing and accessing your portable fridge or freezer, the struggle is real.

Enter the game-changing invention for the van life and outdoor community: the Clearview Easy Slide drop down fridge slide. This innovative accessory is more than just a luxury – it’s a practical upgrade that brings ease and convenience to your outback dining experiences.

Here’s why a drop down fridge slide should be the next essential addition to your outdoor gear.

Is a Fridge Slide Necessary for Your Outdoor Adventures?

Outdoor enthusiasts often face the challenge of keeping their food fresh and drinks chilled while enjoying life.

With 12V chest fridges becoming a popular solution, the question arises: Is a fridge slide necessary? 

Ultimately, a fridge slide adds an extra level of convenience to your outdoor excursions. While not absolutely necessary, it could be a game-changer for many, mitigating the drawbacks of a fully loaded portable chest fridge. Whether it’s the easy sliding access or the ergonomic drop-down access, a fridge slide might just be the missing piece in your camping setup

Straight Fridge Slide vs Drop Down Fridge Slide

A straight fridge slide is a mechanism that allows you to slide your fridge out far enough to access its contents.

A drop down slide is usually mounted on a drawer system or within a canopy and works in a similar way to the straight slide in that it slides horizontally out from its stowed position, before the drop mechanism is engaged, allowing you to lower the fridge to a more accessible height.   

How does a drop down fridge slide work?

The primary goal of drop down fridge slides is to make accessing your portable fridge or freezer as easy, safe and efficient as possible. No more struggling to reach for a cold drink or meal while you’re out living your best life.

A drop-down fridge slide is a mechanism that allows you to easily slide your fridge or freezer in and out of your vehicle or outdoor kitchen setup. It is designed to securely hold and protect your fridge while providing easy access to your food and drinks. The “drop-down” part refers to the fact that the slide can be lowered to a lower level for easier access, and then raised back up to its original position for storage.

Clearview offers two drop down fridge slide ranges; the ever popular Easy Slide range and the new lightweight aluminium Power Slide™ range!


Power Slide

The Clearview Power Slide® is an innovative and patented aluminium powered fridge slide that provides easy access to cold food and drinks with the press of a button. This lightweight and efficient design ensures low power consumption, making it suitable for most battery setups. The Power Slide™ smoothly lowers and raises a fully loaded fridge, with its 180kg load rating making light work of even the heaviest of fridges!

Easy Slide

The Clearview Easy Slide® is the ultimate drop-down fridge slide, designed to provide easy access to cold food and drinks no matter where your adventure takes you. With the ability to smoothly lower the fridge by up to 290mm and the option to choose from four different platform heights, the Easy Slide® offers versatility and practicality.

Expanda Slide

The Clearview Expanda Slide® is a versatile and adjustable straight fridge slide designed to fit most portable fridges. 

With a staggering 81 different tray dimensions available, the Expanda Slide ensures a perfect fit for your specific travel fridge. 



Fridge slide cage

Store your gear safely around your fridge without restricting critical airflow with a Clearview® Fridge Cage!

Your fridge compressor will produce heat whilst working and its important to allow sufficient space around the fridge for this heat to escape.

Designed to adapt to changing fridges and slides.

Clip On Tray

camping table

The Clearview® Clip on Tray is a portable camping table designed to conveniently hang off your Easy Slide® or Drop Slide. Each tray is supported by two fold-out legs allowing the tray to hold up to 15kgs in weight. It’s easy clip on/clip off design makes it a breeze to set up extra platform space to prepare a quick meal, snacks or a cold drink!

cable saver

cable saver

The Cable Saver protects your portable fridge cable from getting caught or jammed in the bearing runner of your fridge slides, by keeping them up and out of the way. The Clearview® Cable Saver attaches securely to your fridge slide with its strong magnetised base.

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