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Nissan Patrol Y62

2015 - Current

The Nissan Patrol Y62 is the ultimate off-road performer! With its powerful V8 engine, the Y62 is a luxurious and comfortable tow vehicle! A spacious ride available in models such as the ST-L, Ti and Ti-L, from Series 1 through to Series 5. You can trust the y62 to transport you and your towable around comfortably.

Clearview Towing Mirrors to suit the Nissan Patrol Y62 can be ordered and installed through our dealer network Australia-Wide. 

Towing Mirrors to suit the Nissan Patrol Y62 include the Original, Next Gen and Compact Towing Mirrors.

Available functionality for the Y62 mirrors include Heated Mirrors, Power Fold, Indicators, 360 Camera, Puddle Lights and Electric Glass. Clearview Towing Mirrors enable you to retain all the existing standard mirror functionality except for reverse auto dip and memory.

Nissan Patrol GU/Y61

1997 - 2016

The Nissan Patrol GU, a great vehicle with an awesome braked towing capacity of up to 3500kg (depending on what year, make and model.) Available in models such as the DX and ST. This vehicle is simply great! Available in both a wagon and a Ute style! 

Clearview Towing Mirrors to suit the Nissan GU Patrol can be ordered and installed through our dealer network Australia-Wide.

Clearview Extendable Towing Mirrors offer direct replacement fit for your Nissan Patrol GU Y61 (1997 – 2016), non indicator (non blinker). They  come as a pair and are available in both manual mirror adjustment or electric mirror adjustment depending on the model you are installing to.

  • Quick & easy, plug and play installation
  • Extend out when towing and push back in for normal driving
  • Won’t retract when driving at high speeds or when passing large trucks.
  • 3 Mirror styles available for the Nissan Patrol Y61 GU – Original, Compact and Next Gen.



These retractable side steps provide an easy and safe way to step in and out of your vehicle.

Clearview Power Boards are fitted under the vehicle, running along the length of the vehicle between the wheel arches on both the driver and passenger sides.

Clearview® Power Boards are triggered by the vehicle’s door sensor. When the door opens, the Power Board is activated and automatically lowers up to 300mm (depending on model) to a convenient stepping height. When the door closes, the Power Board will automatically retract back to the body of the vehicle.

Power Boards are currently available for the following Nissan vehicles:

Nissan Patrol Y62

Rock Tamers® Mudflap System

ROCK TAMERS® are the premiere adjustable and removable mudflap system, providing the ultimate protection when towing caravans, fifth wheelers, horse floats, trailers and more – the perfect solution for anyone wanting the utility of heavy-duty mudflaps whilst maintaining your vehicle’s stylish appearance.

Protect your investment. A quality mud flap system will help protect your vehicle and trailer, caravan, or boat from preventable damage.

There when you need it. Easy installation and removal with no drilling required, makes Rock Tamers® a convenient solution for when not towing full-time.

Save money with Rock Tamers®. Not only are dent repairs, paint touch ups and broken rear windscreens costly, but Rock Tamers™ can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle, extending the usable life of your purchase!


Compact Towing Mirrors

Compact Towing Mirrors are just like a factory Mirror, with the additional advantage of the extra visibility that our towing mirror extension provides.

A large convex single mirror reduces the objects that it reflects, allowing the driver to have a much wider field view and diminishing blind spots.


Next Gen Towing Mirrors

The Next Gen and its twin mirror design is suitable for towing anything from the smallest of trailers to the largest of vans.

The Next Gen’s dual mirror design provides the best of both worlds; a large flat top mirror helps with reversing into parking spaces or aligning a hitch with a trailer, and the smaller convex mirror provides a better understanding of what’s happening around the vehicle.

Original Towing Mirrors

The Original Towing Mirrors, for serious towing!

Very large top mirror 1:1 ratio. This large, flat mirror reflects true distance for reversing. The smaller, convex mirror allows the driver to have a much wider field view and diminishes blind spots. 

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