Safe Towing Tips for your next road trip!

Are you planning your next road trip? Our Tips may be useful to you! To ensure your safety, and the safety of others around you, before and during your upcoming trip, follow our guide!

Safety Checks are crucial, to ensure safe driving and towing for everyone on and off the road.

Before heading off, your next safety check should include the following:
  • A regular vehicle service.
  • Inspecting all your tyres, checking their pressure and condition.
  • Ensuring that all safety chains are securely fastened.
  • Ensure that all trailer brake and light connections are secure.
Why are these Important?
A regular vehicle service:

A regular vehicle service is necessary to ensure that everything is working properly. Most car services include an oil change and a thorough vehicle inspection. You don’t want to leave excited for your trip only to discover that you are no longer able to drive due to vehicle issues. There are numerous advantages to keeping a minor regular car service, including avoiding any safety issues you may have been unaware of, reducing engine wear, ensuring engine longevity, and keeping everyone around you safe.

Inspecting all your tyres, checking their pressure and condition:

It is critical to inspect all of your tyres, including their individual pressure and condition. All tyres are equally important to one another. You may be unaware of any underinflation, damage, or tread wear that could endanger you or others. Maintaining the proper air pressure in each tyre is critical for optimum braking performance and minimal wear, as well as assisting the vehicle’s handling and fuel economy performance. If your tyres are under or over-inflated, the ability of your tyres to grip will be reduced. Regularly inspecting the wheel nuts, especially when towing, is an important step to ensure they are all tightened to the correct torque; any incorrect placements can result in wheels coming off, broken or stripped nuts, and more time spent pulled over on the side of the road rather than driving!

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Ensuring that all safety chains are securely fastened:

The primary function of hitch safety chains is to serve as a backup security measure if your tailer hitch and ball mount fails and separate. Safety chains keep the trailer connected in the rare event that your hitch may disengage.

Ensuring that all trailer brake and light connections are secure:

When towing a trailer on the road, make sure the trailer brake and any light connections are secure. At home, you can perform a simple test by testing the electrical connections between the car and the caravan or trailer. To ensure that they are all fully functional, indicate left and right, gently brake and release, allowing those around you to be aware of any sudden slowing down or movement between lanes.

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