Explore Australia’s most Isolated Pub Crawls!

Are you mapping out a journey through Australia and on the lookout for distinctive, secluded iconic pubs to visit along the way? We’ve curated a variety of pubs spanning our charming country for you to uncover!

The William Creek Hotel, South Australia

The William Creek Hotel is an historic bar and restaurant located in a small town known as William Creek in South Australia. This Hotel provides a rustic feel and is situated on the iconic Oodnadatta Track, making the perfect place to kick back, enjoy a meal and refreshing drink! Especially when adventuring between Coober Pedy and Marree!

The William Creek Hotel offers accommodation option for you to enjoy a quick stop over, or long term stay which also accommodates camping!

There are also a variety of thrill-seeking activities to explore whilst you enjoy your time at William Creek! Scenic Flights are available to explore with a mix of unreal scenery, such as Lake Eyre, Anna Creek Painted Hills and even Dalhousie Springs!

This Pub is accessible via unsealed roads, otherwise you can simply fly there for a decent feed!

The Walkabout Creek Hotel, Queensland

The Walkabout Creek Hotel (also well-known as the Crocodile Dundee Pub) located in McKinlay, Queensland! Providing an iconic, rustic vibe, the Walkabout Creek Hotel is the perfect addition to add to your trip, especially if you like the iconic Crocodile Dundee Movie!

A great place to stop-over and stretch your legs with friendly staff, fantastic meals and drinks! There is also a playroom for the kids to enjoy, along with a pool table and beautiful pool to keep you busy during your time there!

You may recognise this pub from the Crocodile Dundee movie! There are still some remaining iconic features left over from the movie for you to observe and take a flick with!

The Silverton Hotel, New South Wales

The Silverton Hotel is the perfect addition to any outback adventure! Located in New South Wales, this hotel offers a wide range of delicious meals to select from in their iconic, rustic building!

This pub has been featured in some great films like Dirty Deeds, Wake In Fright, Razorback and even Mad Max! You may recognise the pimped, black Volkswagen parked out the front of the hotel, which was Mad Max’s homage V8 Interceptor!

There is a great outdoor seating to enjoy, with a unique outback stage! Accommodation is also available to maximise your time at the Silverton Hotel!

The Blue Heeler Hotel, Queensland

The Blue Heeler Hotel, located in Kynuna, Queensland is an iconic stop which you must add to your trip! Established in 1889 originally as the Kynuna Hotel, this hotel is well-known for its beautiful food, friendly staff and laid-back environment!

Offering a Caravan Park area, with a bathroom, hot shower, power sites and even a camping area available, you can maximise your spend here.

The Prairie Hotel, South Australia

The Prairie Hotel is the perfect destination to stop, especially for those visiting the Flinders Ranges!

Embark on an adventure and experience of beautiful rustic and warm hospitality of the Prairie Hotel and its staff. Located in South Australia, relaxation and good times awaits!

Fossil tours are available to explore, as well as there stunning art gallery filled with unique art.

There is many accommodation and food bundles available to maximise your time!

The Whim Creek Hotel, Western Australia

The Whim Creek Hotel was established in the 1980s and is located along the North West Coastal Highway in Whim Creek, Western Australia.

Well-known for its quality menu, which offers many options, this hotel is such an historic charmer and is the perfect stopover with accommodation options available!

The Nindigully Pub, Queensland

The Nindigully Pub, situated along the banks of the Moonie River in Queensland, this pub remains in its original late 1800s condition!

If you’re seeking an epic one-of-a-kind feed, the Road Train burger is a must-try! This meal is designed to feed up to six people, with a hefty 1.5kg of house-made beef patty to ensure all guests leave full and satisfied!

After enjoying a meal alongside the locals, take a stroll along the Gully Walk or soak up the beauty of a stunning sunset over the river!

To maximise your stay, the pub offers accommodation, welcoming both caravans and campers, along with guestrooms.

The Pink Roadhouse, South Australia

The Pink Roadhouse is a common stop for those completing a trip to the Simpson Desert!

Located in Oodnadatta, South Australia known for its iconic and distinct pink façade, it’s worth visiting. There is a café to enjoy, with books and souvenirs available, as well as the convenience of a post office workshop and accommodation!

There is also a great viewing point at sunset located at the top of the roadhouse which is great for taking photos!

The Wellshot Hotel, Queensland

The Wellshot Hotel is simply remarkable and is over 100 years old!

Located in Ilfracombe, Queensland, with friendly staff, animals on the property, a large menu full of variety, and accommodation available, you won’t be disappointed!

In your time at the Wellshot, you can learn a lot about the history it shares as well as it’s unique, yet fascinating stories around their hat collection and money located on the roof!

Remember to capture plenty of photos to preserve the memories as you explore these iconic remote pubs throughout Australia!

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