Bucket list inspiration- The Cape

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This month, we’re featuring one of Australia’s most remote landscapes, Cape York! As one of the most challenging destinations to explore, this Far North Queensland remote peninsula is as close to the very tip of Australia as you can get. And if you’re keen to take a trip off the beaten track, it’s the trip of a lifetime!

The best time to embark on your Cape York adventure is during the during the dry season, from May to October. We recommend allowing 3-4 weeks to get the most out of your trip! Proper planning and preparation are critical for your Cape York adventure.

Many famous landmarks and 4×4 tracks can be found on Cape York including the Overland Telegraph Track, Palm Creek, Gunshot Greek, and Cockatoo Creek. The general rule seems to be that if your 4×4 can make the crossing through Palm Creek, you should be able to make it the rest of the way to the tip! (There are always exceptions to this rule!)

Experience the stunning waterfalls of Cape York by visiting Endeavour Falls (no swimming allowed here due to crocs), Isabella Falls, and Hidden Falls. Be sure to follow all caution signs because crocs live and hunt in these waters, and if one of these prehistoric creatures is hunting, you’re unlikely to see it!

Don’t forget to take the obligatory photo of yourself with the infamous sign once you get to the tip of Australia!

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