Electric Top Glass Wiring Kit

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This product is universal, in that it will work with all Clearview Towing mirrors that can accommodate this feature

Available for vehicles without pre-existing electric glass but want to have this feature.  Electric Clearview Mirrors are required to be purchased along with the wiring kit

The Clearview Electric Kit includes the toggle/control button and additional wiring required when replacing manually adjustable vehicle side mirrors with electrically adjustable Clearview Towing Mirrors.

Please note this electric kit is to upgrade the movement of glass from manual to powered only. It is not for power-folding side mirror upgrades. Please refer ‘Power-Fold Upgrade Wiring Kit’ No. 1 to 3 for more information.

Note: This item is supplied with electrically adjustable Clearview Towing Mirrors to suit a Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series (ie SKUs CV-TL-70S-KIEB, CV-TL-70S-KIEC, CV-TL-70S-WFKIEB, CV-TL-70S-WFKIEC). Please do not order this kit if you have purchased one of these items.

Installation requires hard-wiring and we recommend this is done by an Auto Electrician.

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