Clearview Towing Mirrors [Compact, Pair, Heat, Power-Fold, BSM, Auto Tilting, Puddle Lights, Indicators, Electric] – Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series

A Clearer View for the Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series!
Compact Towing Mirrors are just like a factory mirror with a large single convex mirror, and the additional advantage of the extra visibility that Clearview’s towing mirror extension provides. A large convex single mirror reduces the objects that it reflects, allowing the driver to have a much wider field view and diminishing blind spots.

Our unique, patented, secondary mount design for the LC300 towing mirrors has accounted for the LC300’s lighter-weight Aluminium door skin and inadequate strength of the existing internal bracketry to safely mount extendable towing mirrors to. Our complete redesign of the LC300 side mirror mounting position allowed us to identify the optimum location for the new Towing Mirrors to be installed to provide the best visibility when in the extended towing position. We needed to move the standard mounting point forward to make it easier to see out of while towing. If we’d simply reinforced the existing mounting point and installed our mirrors there, the driver would be constantly leaning backwards and turning their head to see anything out of the extended towing mirrors.

All standard functionality of the original factory LC300 mirror will carry through to the Clearview Mirrors, except for the auto-dimming function as there is a patent in place for it.
NEW LC300 GXL available features include Auto tilting, blind spot monitoring, heated glass, Power Fold, electric operating glass & integrated LED indicators.
Puddle Lights have also been included as a thoughtful aftermarket addition to these mirrors.

Auto-tilting function when reversing: On LC300 GXL and higher models, the side mirrors will automatically angle downwards when the vehicle is reversing to provide a better view of the ground.

Power Fold: Clearview Mirrors will electrically fold towards the body of the vehicle when you lock the vehicle, and electrically return to the driving position when you start the vehicle.

Blind Spot Monitoring: Blind Spot Monitoring on GXL and higher models, provides a visual alert of a small indication light on the mirror glass to alert the driver when it detects a vehicle driving in or approaching a blind spot.

Puddle Lights: Puddle lights illuminate the ground near the car door, providing visibility of puddles or other obstacles when getting into your vehicle. Puddle Lights aren’t a standard feature on LC300 GXL factory mirrors but are a thoughtful addition in the Clearview Towing Mirrors to provide additional safety and convenience for GXL owners.

Heated Mirrors: When the side mirrors are fogged up, they can be cleared by turning on the rear window demister. This feature is available on LC300 GXL and higher models.

Electric Operating Glass: Clearview Mirrors support vertical and horizontal adjustment of the mirror glass to suit your preferred viewing angles. The single mirror model offers electric adjustment of the mirror and the double mirror models allow for the larger top mirror to be electrically adjusted. The bottom mirror is manually adjusted.

Indicators: Lights on the side of the mirror will flash to notify others that you have intentions to change lanes or turn. Clearview indicator mirror models include clear indicator lenses with amber LED lights. Indicators in all manufactured mirrors are a standard CAT5 indicator. CAT6 indicator models are also available to order for vehicles with a GVM upgrade.



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