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Best Towing Mirrors Ever!!!

G’day Clearview. I have two sets of your mirrors on a couple of landcruisers. I think they are the ultimate. I am always towing wide loads including vehicle trailers etc. The other night I tipped a ute on its side in a paddock. I hit a big puddle on a track and I had no water in my washers and before I could react it grabbed and went plop on its side. I wasn't prepared as I should have been and I knocked myself out hitting the opposite door head first. I eventually got out and called my son to help winch the ute back onto its wheels. I was not sure what to expect when we looked at the left side only find the left mirror had pushed the door in to the point of nearly breaking the window. I was a bit worried about the mirror but after pulling it back to its normal position it didn't have a blemish on it. I am so impressed with how tough they are. Thanks Clearview

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