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Nextgen Mirrors

Originally I had a set of clearview mirrors on an older ute and loved them, I've now upgraded ute and mirrors to the nextgen model. Very happy with the mirrors function with power fold but the indicator has been moved from the outside edge to now under the mirror in driver's view. Not a clever place as its a distraction when driving at night.

Afrter sales service 5 star

I had my right hand clearview mirror hit by a bus. it was hit so hard that hard that it was pushed it around into the front guard. the mirror was not damaged but pushed past it limits AND I HAD TO CUT IT FREE. I sent it to clearview and they rebuilt it and sent it back to me as good as new. There was no charge how is that for after sales service!!!! This is my second truck with with clearview mirrors and i couldent recomend then enough. 5 stars clearview. Thank you Robbert Westerdyk

Clearview next gen mirrors

Purchase a set of next gen mirror for my 2020 Holden trailbLazer. Literally took around 15 minutes Per side to install. They look great and improve The VISIBILITY immensely. 

es 100 fridge slide

this is the absolute ducks nuts of fridge slides, very strong, very secure, very well made. absolutely love it, I was fortunate to meet the main man who designed these at the Adelaide Caravan and camping show in Feb 2020 and he took the time to go through it all with me, even coming outside to check if it would fit in my fridge cage. I am very happy with it and recommeNd it 150%. KIND REGARDS gEOFF.


I purchased a set of Clearview mirrors in 2012 when I purchased a Ford Ranger and towing a caravan. I found them to be excellent when towing our caravan and when not towing anything. They look good and take the worry out of having to put extension mirrors on your vehicle when towing. I have just purchased a second set for my new vehicle a Holden Colorado 2019 demo vehicle

Five star Cust service

I live in queensland and just ordered  a new fridge slide on Tuesday , and reCieved    A text  from my fitting  guy today advising  it had arrived today. The customer serviCe  and dealing with the girls was absolutely awesome and topped off with speedy delivery..... i will definetely be Buying moRe from clearview!!  ThaNk you for a great experience 😃

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