Next Gen CAT 6 LED Indicator


Designed for vehicles with a GVM upgrade, the CAT 6 indicators allow your vehicle to comply with the law regarding indicator brightness.  If you currently have Next Gen mirrors with the standard CAT 5 indicators, these indicators can be retro-fit to your Next Gen mirrors.  One of the differences between the CAT 5 and the CAT 6 indicators, making them brighter, is the clear lens design on the CAT 6 indicator, whereas the CAT 5 indicator has a frosted lens.

The CAT 6 indicator, like the CAT 5, has an inbuilt courtesy/puddle light included.  Unlike the CAT 5 indicators, the CAT 6 indicators have clearance light functionality, required by law for a GVM upgrade.  The CAT 6 indicators require hard-wiring to enable this functionality.

If you are needing CAT 6 indicators and have not purchased the Next Gen mirrors, contact us or any of our Clearview dealers and we can oganise a set of Next Gen mirrors with the CAT 6 indicators already installed.

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