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We Were Tired of Being Unable to Find Good Quality Towing Mirrors in Australia

At Clearview, our business is very familiar with the challenges of towing a van around our gorgeous country. Each mirror in our extensive range has been built and designed to handle any of the challenges that our outback can offer. Indeed, over the past 10 years Clearview Towing Mirrors have been tested by many of our customers on every corrugated road in Australia – from Cape York’s Telegraph Track to the Gibb River Road.

They are built tough for Australian conditions, which means no vibration when travelling at high speeds or on corrugated roads.

Clearview Towing Mirrors are not your typical strap on mirror type. No bars. No poles. Nothing running across your vehicle. They are true replacement mirrors, which means they’ve been purpose built to use the same holes, fittings and wiring (when applicable) as your original mirrors for an installation so stress-free, most customers take the DIY approach.

Once installed, Clearview Towing MIrrors adjust electronically – same as your original mirrors. Only they’re much bigger than any standard mirror; approximately 100mm wide prior to extension. That means that you will have clearer vision and safer towing.

When hooking up a caravan, boat, trailer or horse float, Clearview Towing Mirrors can even be pulled outwards an additional 100mm of extension to help you see well past whatever it is you’re towing.

Clearview Towing Mirrors are available to fit a wide variety of popular vehicle makes and models. New make and model varieties are also being announced all the time!!

So if you don’t see your vehicle listed on the site – check back soon.
If you do, then what are you waiting for?

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Designed and tested in Australia

Legal in all states and territories of Australia

Full spare parts backup and service

3 year product warranty

Conditions apply

15 minute once only fitting time per side

The Clearview Passion - Where it All Started and Where We Are Now

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10/10 for convience, will never use any other brand! so many safety features compared to others in market, convient for shorter people and making trips feel more at home!

I live in queensland and just ordered  a new fridge slide on Tuesday , and reCieved    A text  from my fitting  guy today advising  it had arrived today. The customer serviCe  and dealing with the girls was absolutely awesome and topped off with speedy delivery..... i will definetely be Buying moRe from clearview!!  ThaNk you for a great experience 😃

A clip BROKE on my clearview mirror And ONE was sent In two dayS took one minute to fitt thanks for your  great service

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